Running Horse Wall Art - Vinyl Wall Decal

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Running Horse Wall Art - Vinyl Wall Decal, Cowboy Cowgirl Nursery Kid Bedroom Decor, Western Kids Birthday Gift, Pony Nursery Baby Play Room


A. 26" x 15"

B. 34" x 20"

C. 45" x 26"



Product example is not to scale - please be sure to check sizes before purchasing!

Sizes listed above are our standard pre-designed sizes. Custom sizes and layouts available through a custom order.




Many designs are customized. If this design requires information for names, dates, ect. please include this information in the “notes to seller” section of the check out process.


---------------------------------- MATERIALS: ----------------------------------



All of our products are made with high grade removable VINYL decals. This product will last longer than most paints and creates a finished look.

We carry both an interior grade and exterior grade - most products will specify which it is made in. However, any of our products can be created in exterior for outdoor use.

Please be sure to ask if you have any questions

Vinyl Color:

When selecting color options
Vinyl = Wording &/or design

Many of our designs are available in 2 colors - if the design shows two colors you may specify the 2 options you would like during the check out process in the “notes to seller” section.
For Example:
Last Name: Light Brown
First Names: Beige

Vinyl grades

*Interior* is a high quality MATTE finish and carries a lifespan of 3 years for exterior use. (Oracle 631)
Works best on clean, smooth surfaces
This 3 mil, 3 year exhibition grade calendered PVC film has a residue-free adhesive, removable up to two years. Formulated for short-term and medium-term outdoor applications as well as display, trade show and point of sale applications.
Min.Application Tem: 50⁰ F.
Outdoor Durability: 3 yrs.
Adhesive: Polyacrylate dispersion removable.
Finish: Matte finish
Thickness: 3 mil.

*Exterior* is a higher, more durable, quality - made for exterior use. This grade can withstand elements such as rain and heat and is used on a number of our products, such as coffee mugs. The typical lifespan for our exterior grade vinyl in harsh elements is 6 years. Taking measures such as hand washing our mugs (not dishwasher safe) or applying a protective clear coat to tiles annually is recommended.
Works best on clean, smooth/ or semi-smooth surfaces
Oracle 651
This special proprietary formulation ensures optimized stability and resistance to UV degradation. For medium-term outdoor applications. Gloss finish is thermal transfer compatible.
Outdoor Durability: 6yrs.
Release Paper: PE-coated silicone paper, 78# blue liner for white.
Adhesive: Solvent Pre-acrylated Permanent.
Min application temp: +46F.
Surface Finish: High Gloss. Screen

It can go on any clean, smooth, dry, non-porous surface (wall, glass, plastic, etc.). It is removable, but not reusable. During removal slight damage to paint may occur and minor touch up may be necessary.

*If you have textured walls, this product will be harder to apply, but feel free to message me for more details and special instructions. (I suggest exterior)

PLEASE read all application instructions before applying. They will be included with the product, but feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

If you have any difficulty installing the product please contact me immediately and I will be willing to work with you to the best of my ability.